Purpose Driven Saturdays With Ray (Episode 12)

 The Inter-island ferry the  T&T Express is a purpose driven vessel. Its obvious objective is to transport people, goods and vehicles  to and from the Sister isles of Trinidad and Tobago. In fulfilling its purpose  the ferry does so much more than just provide transport  it serves as a vital economic, cultural and one could even argue spiritual link  between the peoples of Trinidad and Tobago. But the vessel itself has one purpose and in achieving that purpose all of these beautiful ancillary benefits come flowing through.

It is the same for our guests in this edition of  Saturdays With Ray their lives are purpose driven and we benefit some directly some indirectly from the targeted focused lives that they live.



Wintley Phipps- Photo Désirée Connor-Edwards

World renown Grammy nominated Vocalist, Motivational Speaker and Pastor Wintley Phipps returned to his homeland Trinidad and Tobago recently for a phenomenal one night show entitled “It Can Be Done“. The concert is  part of a series of events hosted by Spectrum 1 Entertainment paying tribute to Trinidad and Tobago  citizens who are making their mark on the global stage. The focus for Spectrum 1’s founder Attorney at Law Colvin Blaize is to show the youth of Trinidad and Tobago that there are sterling role models who they can follow and achieve their life’s dreams.

Wintley Phipps is one such example. He left Trinidad at the age of ten and even then he had an inkling that his life was going to be special. He credits Trinidad and Tobago with keeping him humble despite the fact that he has met and performed for a cadre of global politicians, religious leaders and thousands of fans.

Raymond Edwards and Wintley Phipps -photo courtesy Désirée Connor-Edwards     
He says at all times he knows that his life is purpose driven being directed by God and as such he does nothing but allow his voice to be used to minister and guide.                                                                              He left us with this awesome word of advice                                                    “if you do it right you can do it longer”.


fb_img_1470169386585.jpgBrendon O’Brian


Brendon  O’Brian is the founder of The Art Is Performance Arts Company and he credits his twin brother with sparking his interest in the Theatre arts.

The fledgeling company has been in existence for only three years and its ten members found that at that time there was no space for the type of theatre art  that they wanted to create so with that purpose in mind The Art Is was born.


One of the projects with which the company was involved was a partnership with the Non Governmental Organisation, Parenting TT. The Art Is collaborated with the NGO to create a play called “To Light” exposing the issues of substance abuse in a family. They worked closely with a group of young unknown actors/actresses in their 20’s to bring the play to life and involved the audience through participatory dialogue and alternate endings.

Brendon believes the structure of theatre is changing and he intends to ensure that The Art Is will be at the forefront of that change.


Photo courtesy Yemi

Baby Duo-Thon, one of the best ways to encourage healthy lifestyles is to start young. Our health and Wellness corespondent Yemi explored one event that got the little ones peddling and running.

Photo courtesy Yemi

All this and so much more coming your way on this edition of Saturdays With Ray on Soundcloud.com.

Remember any day can be a Saturday all you have to do is press play.




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