From The Outside Looking In…. Caribbean Royalty Speaks.


Sometimes when I take photographs of places I’ve seen and people I’ve met I find that the true essence of the person or thing is not reflected in the photograph. Sometimes the same applies when we talk about  our Caribbean. Because we are immersed in the day to day of living we may sometimes not reflect our true beauty.

That’s why every now and again it’s good to look at ourselves from the outside in. Our guests this week on Saturdays With Ray will serve as our mirrors to reflect the beauty that we possess from the outside in.



Jamaican Volleyballer Cherine Richards

One Jamaican Volleyball player is (lucky for us) partially living her dream right now in Rio de Janeiro. No she is not on the sands of Rio playing, but in the stands as  a fan sharing her experience and  the flavour of the Olympics via social media with those of us who have to partake via television. Saturdays with Ray caught up with Cherine Richards who examined the success of the Jamaican track athletes and the country’s drive to push for more participation in what are considered minor sports on the island.

Cherine Richards in the sand 

Cherine says, while she knows there are dark sides to every country, her experience in Rio has been nothing but pleasant  and there is much that regional leaders and  the governments of other developing countries  can take away from the experience of the games.  With these lessons the foundation blocks can be laid for future athletes to bring pride and glory to their respective countries.  Cherine Richards,  the volleyball Princess, shares her experience in Rio in this episode of Saturdays with Ray.

(BTW yes ladies I asked….No, She did not spot the oiled up Flag bearer from Tonga anywhere on the streets of Rio)



Author Nathalie Taghaboni

While her last name could strike fear in the heart of any rookie newscaster her charm wit and love of words will certainly captivate and endear you to her and her work.

Author Nathalie Taghaboni Aka Queen Macoomeh is soon to depart on her book tour to promote her latest work Side By Side We Stand.

Nathalie, or “Her Majesty” as I prefer to call her, left Trinidad after secondary school and has spent much of her life in the multi-ethnic melting pot that is Toronto Canada. But somehow this separation from her homeland inspired a deeper longing and fervour for all things Trinbago. After the terrorist attacks in New York City on September 11th 2001, Nathalie wrote a opinion piece on the attacks in Trini dialect and the passion and acceptance of her style of script found an audience. Flash-forward fifteen years and the third instalment in her steamy drama filled tale of a Maraval family comes to life.

Our audience with “Her Majesty the Queen” this week on Saturdays with Ray.



We cannot talk seriously about regional reflections without talking about the King of Calypso The Mighty Sparrow.

We dug into the archives for this tribute to the King and  we learn about his affinity for language, and naughty storytelling.

The great one reflects on his journey to the top of the music world, his many achievements and his love of family punctuated of course with samples from his decades of sweet sweet kaiso.

The king speaks giving us a reflection of ourselves From the Outside Looking  In on this edition of Saturdays With Ray.

Remember any day can be a Saturday all you have to do is press play.


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