The Gift of Art   Saturdays With Ray

Some of us will look at the flower in this Désirée Connor- Edwards photograph and just see a peachy coloured flower surrounded by some green looking leaves or bush. Show the same flower to an artist, a musician or someone whose mind  sparkles along the autistic spectrum  and see what answers you get.

You may hear about the hues of purple that ebb and flow within the petals of the flower of how the light hits it just right that in inspires a serenade or that just looking at the contrast of the colours can tell you a story. 

In order to see these things we must acknowledge that art in itself is a gift and the perception and interpretation of art is not just a gift but a skill that varies from person to person.

In this week’s episode of Saturdays with Ray  we meet three (3)artistes from differing fields but whose perspectives on health, music and painting are inspired gifts.



Dr Debra Bartholomew

We met Musician, Dancer, Painter, and Doctor Debra Bartholomew  in our last edition of Saturdays with Ray and she shared from her experience as an Ophthalmologist the impact that diabetes is having on the Caribbean.

We continue our discussion with her but this time the conversation gets less clinical and more personal as she shares what could be her most important role with us Advocate and Mother of an Autistic child.

Autism is a mental condition characterised in some cases by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people. Debra tells us about her experiences traveling the world with an autistic child and the struggles getting him to be integrated into the educational system in Trinidad and Tobago. Through her gift for advocacy Debra’s son is now attending one of the top secondary collages in Port Of Spain and is thriving.

You can hear more from Debra below in Episode 15.


Lisette Khan

This quiet soft spoken Grande guyl (i.e. woman from Sangre Grande a bustling village in East Trinidad) has  an alter ego. Put a microphone in her hands and let the cuatros, mandolins and guitars roll and Lisette Khan turns into a Parang superstar.

In our musical segment we introduce you to Lisette the language teacher with the voice of gold who  is one of the lead singers of the parang group Voces Jovenes (young voices).

She explains the historical progression of parang music, which can be heard in many parts of the world, but has a unique flavour when sung by Trinbagonians- and we get to peek into what makes this music so sweet especially at Christmas time.

So we share the gift of Parang with you on this edition of Saturdays with Ray.

Bread Pudding courtesy

We always share a recipe with you on Saturdays with Ray and this week we get your tastebuds watering with this treat from Chris and Caribbean Pot dot Com.

If you’ve never checked out the site it probably stands to reason that you have missed half your life!  Chris  aka the wicked chef provides videos and step by step instructions to make Caribbean cooking easy

Log on today and get started


Our theme this week is the Gift of Art and for the creator of this work its been a life long passion.

Clayton De Freitas is the president of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago which in 2017 will be celebrating its 75 th anniversary.  He shared some quality time with Saturdays with Ray and gave us a look ahead to the work that the society will be displaying over the next few months.

At the time we visited the Port of Spain Art Society Claton was the artiste exhibiting his show entitled Light.

Click below to hear the Gift of Art.

Clayton De Freitas

We encourage you to spend a little time exploring and supporting local artistes where ever you are and the cool thing about art is that it never remains stagnant it continues to enrich and inspire all those who take the time to open the gift.

we are pleased to present you with Episode 15 of Saturdays with Ray which you can find at anytime on or

Remember any day can be a Saturday all you have to do is press play.


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