Passion – Saturdays With Ray Episode 16.

Passion drives artistes, adventurers, designers and musicians.

Passion leads them to take risks, dream big  dreams and give life to their creations.

This week on Saturdays With Ray we introduce you to (3) three…well actually (4) four dynamic Trinbagonians who are following their passion and giving life to their art.

Karen and Kathy Norman

 Karen and Kathy Norman with famed designer Amsale Aberra 

6 years ago this dynamic duo of artists had a yearning in their lives. They love  Carnival, but felt that so much of the ‘Mas’ was missing from the Masquerade in the annual pre-lenten street festival in their homeland Trinidad and Tobago.

Also at that time Karen and Kathy were slaving away in the huge, high pressure financial sector of New York. So what to do? Throw caution to wind and start a Carnival Band of course!  And that decision has forced Trinidad and Tobago  to sit up and pay attention. They brought the worlds of Fashion and Mas screaming together.


So much so that Kathy and Karen, or to be more accurate, K2K Alliance and Partners, have captured the Band of the Year title for the Medium category in 2015 and 2016.

This week on Saturdays with Ray, we explore what passion makes these winners do artistically and they even share a secret or two about their new line for 2017.

Scroll down and press play to hear from K2K’s Karen and Kathy Norman.

Michelle Borel


She has a beautiful speaking voice, but Broadcaster Michelle Borel’s passion leads her to create prose.

Michelle  has recently released her first book of poetry revealing what burns within her and what propelled her to take the risk and become a self published author. Her new book is entitled Soul Spection

She will share her passion of poetry with us on Saturdays with Ray.

Hey Wanna Dance?


That’s the question that ace keyboardist and producer Ronald Aqui will answer below  in epidode 16.


He shares a few tracks with us and answers the often asked question …In this age of prepackaged and quickfix rhythms does it make sense to create an album of music perfect to do a  2 step?

Ron Aqui is our special musical guest and answers the question.

Chris and his team from are in the mix and will share another wicked recipe.
All this and so much more on this installment of Saturdays with Ray.
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